Have you ever wanted to upgrade your streaming camera rig with a moving camera? How about a rig that follows any track automatically, and silently?

If you make video content, stream content, either as a band or entertainer, (or other) then you have probably thought about this- after all, moving footage looks much better than static footage. You looked at the cost of these systems, and baulked, as I did. Upwards of 2K !

Well, I’m here to help !

This will cost less to make if you have a few stands around, but basically I spent way less than 100€!

I developed a way to send a camera dolly down a curved track with auto pan tracking over a curved track. Using just one silent drive motor!!

I’ve been using this system lots over the past few months, for livestream gigs mainly. Its a serious upgrade and content really does stands out.

It took me about a year to solve all the technical problems, chief of which was selecting the right motor. It had to be quiet (very) strong, and reversible. In the process, I built whole gearboxes for DC motors, used DC motors in AC motor boxes, all too noisy, and all not strong enough. Apart from going down the (still noisy) stepper motor route (expensive too with all the control gear) I actually did the impossible..reversing an AC synchronous motor! Many said it couldn’t be done. But I made a breakthrough. I kept at it and solved it!

All the details are in the video, so that you get all the info you need to build one yourself.

There’s a few ways to upgrade this, mentioned in the video.. since this is a working prototype, mine looks a little rough, but you have all the means to make yourself one with basic tools and some free time. The results will be worth it!

leave a comment anywhere can, should you need help making it, or anything else!

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