The latest release from Finland-based trans cyber hybrid-drummer, Andia of In Your
Dreams with: What About.
‘What About’ showcases Andia’s phenomenal drumming and singing musical aesthetics
in a ‘wall of sound’ track, in this striking new piece. ”This is a fully featured IYD track,
highly detailed and packs a punch’.
Essentially it’s a song about hope, where, facing the day in our times means accepting
uncertainty and disregarding external noise for the sake of clarity of mind. It is a song for
our times: a call to action leaving listeners with perhaps more questions than answers,
but which serves to ignite possibilities that lie within reach of all of us, to effectively –
face the day.
Andia is influenced by the Solar Punk /cyber movement to create a track offering hope
and a utopian take on the future. Progressing from her YouTube series at the creative edge, Andia faces down toxicity with faith in a new future.
They produce electronic, drum-led, cross-genre pieces, with a wall of sub-synth sound,
and vocals that have been compared to David Bowie and Trent Reznor.
“I want to progressively push the boundaries of possibility with a drum kit, a vocal mic
and current technology,” she says. “I want to challenge and change people’s opinions,
not just with music but with my whole image and concept. I find it all as liberating as it is
interesting, and at the creative cutting edge”.

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